3rd primary students like school very much! They learnt about schools in the UK, school subjects and telling the time in English. Then they planned a school day and made a mini book with sentences and pictures. Finally they presented the school day projects to their classmates. Have a look at the videos, they did […]

Our ESO students came up with these hilarious replica of some famous paintings that we all know. In this project, they had to do some research and choose a painting. Then, they worked in groups to describe a painting and decide how to recreate the scene. Then, they became museum guides and explained perfectly their […]

This time our girls and boys in primary school have worked on a board game that they love called Dobble. They learnt a lot of new words, looked for nice pictures, and came up with this great result. We had a lot of fun playing the game in its different versions, and they will never […]

Last week, 2nd of ESO students had the funniest English class! They had to show in a competition how fast they were both in running and in remembering the past form of some verbs. We played two games, a relay race and “steal the bacon” game, commonly known as “el joc del mocador”. They all […]