During the last couple of weeks a group of 20 students from 1st of ESO A, B and C have been working on some videos to explain a few of our traditions (Christmas, New Year’s, Sant Jordi, Sant Joan, La Castanyada, Carnestoltes etc)  to some students from Maryland, USA. They have worked hard and the […]

Christmas is our favourite time of year and children love making cookies. Just like every year students in 1st Primary made some chocolate chip cookies. They had great fun! Remember that Santa loves these cookies!😉 They’re yummy!

Christmas is here and students in P-4 sing Christmas carols and make funny activities with jumping clay. They made a little snowman to decorate the Christmas tree! It was great fun!  Merry Christmas! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNkvV4PR-q